Memorial Plaque Unveiling

Oissel, France - 10 June 2006


The limestone cliffs that the allied pilots apparently used as a landmark to tell them they were over the target. It is nearly opposite where the barges were sheltering on August 3 1944 and the place where Corran died.


Monsieur Alain Fissot, the monumentalist who designed, arranged for the production and then the installation of the memorial stone. A real gentleman.

June 11 2006.


From left: The Squadron Leader representing the RAF: Wing Commander Brett Marshall. RNZAF; Sarah Dennis, NZ Ambassador; Mme Briggitte Briere, representing the War Veterans Associations of Rouen; Vince Ashworth; Herr Hauerbach, German Consul General of Rouen - representing the German Government; Vince’s wife, May, and son Simon; and flag bearers for the various French Veterans Associations.


Prayers were said for Corran over the site where it is believed he lies. A wreath was laid on the river at this spot. Following the ceremony and laying of the wreath, we watch in somber silence as it drifts slowly away with the current of the river. A very sombre and emotional moment!


The memorial with the wreaths. From left: Ashworth family, RAF and NZ Government.


Vince Ashworth standing beside the memorial.


Vince Ashworth reading from the Bible (John 15 v 13 - Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends) before the laying of the wreaths.


Vince Ashworth, wearing similar medals to those won by his brother; May Ashworth and Sarah Dennis. June 11 2006.


Article in Oissel newspaper - 12 June 2006.
(Rough Translation)


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